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The name Bazzoffia has gothic origins and the family has been recorded in Assisi for at least 300 years. After classical studies at school, Vera Bazzoffia graduated in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Perugia, writing a thesis on the ancient Assisi festival still observed today, the Calendimaggio.  At the same time, having a passion for design and working with her hands, she became apprenticed to a jeweller’s workshop, where her vocation took shape.

For further technical training, Vera joined the workshop of a prestigious jeweller in Rome in 1987.  She also took courses in gemmology, art restoration and English before returning to Assisi to open her own studio in 1992.


Located in the historic Palazzo Boccanegra, the VB workshop and showroom is in a pedestrian zone only a few steps from Assisi’s main square, the Piazza del Comune.  The main sights of the city, including the splendid Basilica of St Francis, are all within a few minutes’ walk. The studio’s shop-window is eye-catching, decorated with flowers and having two thick, rough-cut slabs of Assisi’s famous pink stone as a contrasting frame to display the finely-wrought works on view.

Inside, one is drawn into the world of the artist’s imagination, realised in brilliant stones and metals of many textures, shapes and colours: a kaleidoscope of beauty.  The rooms are spacious, with ancient vaulting arches more than five metres high and carefully lit showcases to display the jewels to best effect.  The interior design, using Carrara marble and cherry and elm woods, creates a functional but elegant ambience. 

Behind the two showrooms one can also see the workshop where Vera Bazzoffia creates and assembles her works of art.

Artigianato del Gioiello di Vera Bazzoffia - Piazza San Pietro, 6/B - 06081 Assisi (PG) - Partita IVA 01150870549
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